D M Roberts is an avid bookworm, having read many different books in their time they decided to have a go at writing one of their own. Admittedly the process was harder than they thought it would be, so, hats off to all authors everywhere. The first 3 books are based on the character of Inspector Milton Billoughby- set in 1910 rural England. Billoughby is an Inspector that until now, has had quite an easy going time of it in his working days. The Long Shadows Book 1 introduces the Inspector and his family, two murders in the quaint village. The second, Petticoats and Bowler Hats is set between London and Kent during the Coronation of the new King of England.
Lost Souls is the 3rd and focuses on the disappearance of a young boy.

Whereas Ria, is a modern story that shows a tragedy in your life does not define your happiness. Read how a friendship turns to love at a time when Ria least expects it, she has been through a harrowing time. The question now is, can she take back control?

Out now, Billoughby 3- Lost Souls. D is so excited to have finished the third Billoughby. Writing about the Inspector and his extended family has been a thrill, hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as they enjoyed writing them.

D values and appreciates all reader feedback so don’t be shy! Good or bad.

A mother of 3, and Grandmother of 2 beautiful boys. From the North of England originally. D enjoys field archery, dancing, d.i.y, a little Roman reenacting, tai-chi and yoga. A passion for taking photographs, there’s something about capturing a moment that will never be again.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as i have enjoyed writing them x DM Roberts

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