Billoughby – Lost Souls.

Billoughby is, for once, having a break from police work. Things are quiet in the village and that suits the Inspector just fine. With Grace, his beloved wife, helping out at the cottage of Cate and Adam in readiness for their move into a home of their own, the Inspector has a chance to rest and enjoy the countryside in it’s glorious full bloom.
Life, however, is not as peaceful as it appears. When news of David’s disappearance – the young boy from the Hall- reaches them, its all hands on deck in a bid to find him. Billoughby’s son Tom, has a lot of quick thinking and talking to do if he is to protect the reputation of his secret love, not to mention his own innocence. Will Tom stand his ground or, will he take advantage of the free tickets given to him by his brother?
David has no idea where he is, neither does he recognise the person that is keeping him here. He is cold and scared, not that he would admit it. Even when the small tears escape from his big bright eyes he scrapes them away with his now dirty sleeves in a defiant nature. He dreams about his soft warm bed back at the large Hall, he wonders if they will come to find him. In the dark nights he wakes in fear that they may have arranged this because of his cheekiness. Miss Mary always warned him that his pranks would get him into trouble one day. Did he go too far? Little does he know that the whole village has turned out in the search for him

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