Billoughby – The Long Shadows

This is the first in the series i am working on. The tales are set in the early nineteen hundreds’s and are centred around an Inspector and his family.

Billoughby had been used to a quiet village life.

That was, until a dark and sombre tale reared its ugly head. The Inspector was soon to discover the secrets of a war long since forgotten, a private war that still burnt deep into this small community. The year is nineteen ten.

The quiet rural village in Kent, England, is rocked by the murder of Craven Stanhope the man discovered in the graveyard of the local parish church. Could it be that the Reverend just might hold the biggest clue to unravel this mystery?

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, its true to say they weren’t one man’s best friend. Family histories entwined over years are brought to light in the race to catch a killer.


Connie stared into the flames of the fire, she was thankful the Pratts had lit it, she felt cold and scared, in her short young life she had never witnessed anything so macabre as the sight she had stumbled on this morning.
“Now Connie, I know this will be difficult for you but, I think it best we get this done as soon as we can, while things are fresh in your mind. It’s been a long and disturbing evening for you I can see, a few questions and you can get off to your bed for some rest” Connie nodded
“I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight, Sir”

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