I used to be me
then I disappeared
and in her place came you.
I do not know you,
you do not fit,
no matter how long you stay here and sit.
I catch glimpses of her that take me by surprise,
I strain to catch hold of her hand,
to make her stay just a little while,
but she doesn’t seem to understand.
She wants to run, to dance, to sing
to laugh and smile- who wouldn’t ?
Do the things I want to do & some of the things I couldn’t.
She mocks me at times, it angers me –
had she stuck around the pain to see,
as bit by bit,
piece by piece
time and again, but no…
she ran, deserted me then.
Her footsteps echo the beats in my chest,
the faster she runs the harder they get.
If only she’d turned around, just once,
I know she might have saved me,
I will get her back, of that I’m sure,
the glimpses more frequent of late.
There will come a day when I catch her hand and she will be happy to stay.

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