What’s your poison?

What makes you write about the things you write about? Is it a nagging idea in your mind that refuses to go, a thought you might have when you’re watching the world go by, or,  is it a planned concept from start to finish?

Do you have an idea of what your characters personalities are, what you will name them, will they be good or bad?

Personally I’m a ‘seat of the pants ‘  kind of gal. Once I get started it kind of works it’s way out but I know many that map it all out beforehand.
Either way, if that’s what works for you it’s all good.

I love the research part of writing, takes you down so many interesting roads and what fascinating facts you learn into the bargain!

One of my books came to me in the middle of the night. It was during the pandemic at the time when death rates were high and there seemed no rhyme or reason as to why some seemingly fit and healthy people sadly died yet  others that you worried about due to ill health seemed to cope quite well with the virus. It’s true,  as humans we need logic, answers to questions that serve to make us feel better, settled in our mind whether these answers are good or bad.

It got my mind wondering, what if? What if there is reason to it all? What if there’s a reason to the why’s?
Of course it’s purely fictional, it’s my thought process. 
It isn’t meant as a religious book, it’s a story from my imagination.

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