And breath

We had a lovely day out today at the stunning Pashley Manor gardens. It’s located in the south of England, Sussex. The food was fantastic, it had that homemade look and taste, I have to admit the chocolate cake called to me, not being the kind of gal that ignores such requests I buckled. It was well worth the calories if you’re a calorie counting human (I am not one such human)

The lucky

The gardens themselves are incredible, kudos to the hardworking team that keeps them in tip top condition. The sculptures that adorn the lawns and featured planted areas are magnificent, many created by local craftspersons.

The talented

It does the heart and soul good to get out amongst nature, time to breath, time to relax. We’re quite fortunate to have so many amazing places remaining in a world obsessed with progress, if you get a chance, get yourself out there.

The floral

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