Christmas wishes

Well, it’s that time of the year again when people spend far too much, eat far too much and generally spend the next few days holding their breath until it passes.

When did we get so bogged down with a season that, after all, has nothing to do with whether little Jimmy got absolutely everything on his list? When did we start worrying more about outdoing our counterparts than enjoying a well earned slice of quality time with them?

I often hear the phrase “if it’s not done by Christmas day, it’s not getting done” Then simply don’t.

We are in a time of unstable finances for everyone, no idea how long prices will continue to rise, when this will settle down.

If the pandemic taught us anything it was this – no amount of money, or gifts, can make up for precious time lost with loved ones and, if they truly are loved ones they will not give a jot whether your arms are laden with gifts but they will always treasure the feeling of those arms that were laden with love.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful time this Christmas. D M


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