Ad Lib

Why are there so many ads on social media? I don’t know about you. it drives me crazy! To the point that I can’t be bothered scrolling all the way through these ‘wonder’ products just to find a person I actually know.

Thing is, I have the patience of a saint, if it’s annoying to somebody like me, what must a person with less patience make of it?
Point in case, today I have a day off, hence the scroll, I’m fairly skinny and yet media platforms are bombarding me with weight control knickers that promise to miraculously melt body matter, droopy boob saving boulder holders – I hasten to add I would NEED boobs for them to droop and sadly I wasn’t blessed in this department – anti wrinkle elixir from the God’s, (okay I’ll give you that one) my point is this..

Why? Are my friends/family not interesting enough for me? I always thought they were, it’s the reason I have social media and yet the boffs running these sites have decided No, you don’t want to see that, you want to see how Mabel from Arizona discovered that the waste in her u-bend is a miracle cure for middle age mid rift fat. Count me in Mabel, I’ll send my introductory special once in a lifetime fee of $79.99 immediately…NOT

I’m all for promoting products, of course I am but come on, make it something I might actually want or even find plausible.

Better still, have an optional page dedicated to this stuff… You could call it, I don’t know, Complete Rubbish Ads Page, or, Seriously Helpful Items & Trustworthy!! This way I can choose to follow said page or, put my head in the oven, my choice.

It’s laughable that they pulled us in with lines such as, keep in touch etc

Social media is beginning to get a lot like British roads, necessary for some purposes yet completely unusable due to the potholes.

all photos courtesy of pixels

What’s your thoughts on this? Agree, disagree?

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