Christmas wishes

Well, it's that time of the year again when people spend far too much, eat far too much and generally spend the next few days holding their breath until it passes. When did we get so bogged down with a season that, after all, has nothing to do with whether little Jimmy got absolutely everything … Continue reading Christmas wishes

Winter festive sale on Smashwords

Hi! I’m excited to announce that my books will be available as part of the Smashwords 2022 End of Year Sale! This is a chance to get my books, along with books from many other great authors, at a promotional discount. You can find the promo here: If you wouldn't mind lending a hand … Continue reading Winter festive sale on Smashwords

Words Out – There is always a plan          The alarm clock rang, rolling over Brian hit the snooze button. He looked at the woman lying next to him, man, he was a lucky son-of-a-bitch. He stroked the soft hair that lay tangled over her face. It was as soft as the first time he had stroked it nearly 20 years … Continue reading Words Out – There is always a plan

Words Out (con’d Chapters 12-13)

Solitary Moments     They arrived at the hospital where the woman thanked them endlessly.  “You are too very good, Grazie. My name is Natalia Catalano.” Brian knew that name, why did he know it? It was on his list, of course, it was. Not Natalia but Eduardo.  “Eduardo?” He spluttered.  “Si, Eduardo Catalano, you know? You … Continue reading Words Out (con’d Chapters 12-13)