Words Out con’d (chapters 8-9)

Before the Committee D M Roberts Copyright 2022      Azrael entered the room, he bowed to the committee that sat before him. St Peter occupied the middle space. “Come forward.” He did as he was instructed. “Introduce yourself.” Azrael wondered why he had to introduce himself, they knew who he was, more protocol. “Azrael, Angel of … Continue reading Words Out con’d (chapters 8-9)

Words Out (con’d Chapter 6-7)

Old Friends D M Roberts Copyright 2022      Azrael did not make his presence known, but simply stood, as he often did, watching the old man. The heat was a dusty one as often was the case in this part of the world. The old man waved to his Great-grandchildren he was waving to the sky, … Continue reading Words Out (con’d Chapter 6-7)

Interview Smashwords

https://www.smashwords.com/interview/donone10 What things will people not realise about the era you write about The amazing discoveries and advances that were made in the early 1900's, it's remarkable, socially, technically and medically that without these fascinating people and their breakthroughs we would not have the ease of life that we have now. What's the story behind … Continue reading Interview Smashwords