D M Roberts
August 2022

Welcome to my world of reality and fiction.

A big big thank you!
Billoughby – the series.
It has been a challenging journey for the Inspector and his family.

Grace, the ever dutiful wife, holds their family together in a way that seems effortless. Grace is a soft spoken woman with a heart of gold coupled with the wisdom of age and experience. Married at a young age, the couple are blessed with 2 son’s.

Adam is the elder of the boy’s, his passion for adventure has taken him away from the family on a journey that in turn brings him a family of his own. Adam is outgoing and rash at times, a hard worker nonetheless.

Tom is the quieter of the 2, some might mistake this for a broody nature. Tom is shy, he finds strangers difficult to engage with. Tom’s love is for the land, he works tirelessly in his job on the farm.

Inspector Milton Billoughby is a clever man, he has been in the police force for most of his married life. Persuading Grace to a change of pace in the countryside, where they could bring up their young family in relative safety compared to the city of London, was, in his mind, the best decision he ever made.

Set in Cornwall, Ria is a woman with a successful business under her belt, confidence and beauty. Ria Odann takes up the kind offer of her London friends to get away from it all after a failed marriage. The village is a quaint, seaside resort in Cornwall. A simple invitation leads to a harrowing and brutal experience that will rock the village for a long time to come. Do you become a victim to your past or do you stand up and take your life back?

Words Out
Brian is about to find out that not all things are a random act.
Could your path be mapped out from the day you enter this world? We, as people, are presented with choices, always. Go left or go right. Take the elevator or the stairs. Sit or stand. There is rarely ever only one option in our daily lives.
Do we have Guardians that influence our choices for a reason.

In other news
It has been a busy old time over here. What with all the events we have taken part in and working life there’s barely been time to sit down.

We’ve had car shows, gladiator reenactment, book fayre, historical homes & gardens, even a well deserved dip in the sea. Mostly, all great fun.

With one of the hottest days we have also had to keep a keen eye on the garden especially after working so hard to make it the way we wanted.

Autumn is coming

I hope you enjoy the rest of Summer and I look forward to catching up in the Autumn.
Stay well, stay safe and stay happy x
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