Words Out (con’d Chapters 12-13)

Solitary Moments     They arrived at the hospital where the woman thanked them endlessly.  “You are too very good, Grazie. My name is Natalia Catalano.” Brian knew that name, why did he know it? It was on his list, of course, it was. Not Natalia but Eduardo.  “Eduardo?” He spluttered.  “Si, Eduardo Catalano, you know? You … Continue reading Words Out (con’d Chapters 12-13)

Words Out (con’d Chapters 10-11)

Pastures New        Brian lay on his bed, he glanced at the notepad. He had been so busy the past few weeks that he had barely given it a second thought. He had meant to scan through it, purely out of curiosity when he thought he had recognised a name on the T.V. Now, what was … Continue reading Words Out (con’d Chapters 10-11)

Words Out con’d (chapters 8-9)

Before the Committee D M Roberts Copyright 2022      Azrael entered the room, he bowed to the committee that sat before him. St Peter occupied the middle space. “Come forward.” He did as he was instructed. “Introduce yourself.” Azrael wondered why he had to introduce himself, they knew who he was, more protocol. “Azrael, Angel of … Continue reading Words Out con’d (chapters 8-9)